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Some day you will liberate your soul

And let it fly


Soaring above the skies it would leave

And will ascend ever so high

The angels crave for thy

Whilst the demons are left awe struck


Then lamps of eternity will again light

Smoldering ashes, leasing them forever to lurk


Love fades, passion vanishes

Vision chases reality and becomes its realm of cruelty

When dreams are met with death

Then whatever that is left behind, tarnishes


Be felt promises, lingering memories

Seek icons of divinity and mount false premises

Within the hues of uncertainty, it’s the altar of belief

Whom the dart of doubt always misses


At some juncture in life

At some point in existence

We all stop and part ways with selves

And adorn fate with stains of reminiscence


Become slaves of intention

And pursue new directions

Being natives of uncertainty and aliens of self

Some gather speed while many lose direction


The continuity of mortality

Puts up a replica of imitation

Lets the soul bleed off its purity

And permits regret to accuse destination


Whilst the heart aches and strength quivers

Providence smiles, innocence delivers;

Beneath the waters of strive

Rests the pearl of serenity worth your dive