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My Last Night’s Foe

My ungodliness brought me to a wonder

Was it a child’s innocence?

Or the onslaught of plunder

A moment’s thought, then a lost sight


The other day, the haunting came back

It was little red riding hood surrounded by the pack

I shook off the feeling; and the music broke through

Turned back to the rhythm; something I no more knew


Conversation followed; tinkering flowed

I looked for a companion on the dance floor

There was a hand; it told me to let go

And I found myself waltzing with my last night’s foe


O my nightmare! You tell me so

Was it reality or just a dream to let go

The music broke through, surrounding mist grew

It parted silently, leaving me yet again sans clue


Now it was juggler’s turn to put on a show

Beings hustled, they too wanting to let go

I saw in glassy eyes; I smelt in subdued murmurs

They were also daunted by my last night’s foe


There was laughter and music continued

The juggler himself haunted, put on a good show

Pennies for smiles; fortunes for laughter

Frozen hearts; loud applause; the house rocked to and fro


The show came to an end; yet nobody knew

Who it was playing behind the clown’s crew

I traced the strings of the ring master’s lyre

And came to look into eyes of my last night’s foe


You bring pleasure; lest naught settles the pain

I don’t understand the rules of this game

Pray! Make me known to this mystery

It is haunting me beyond any death’s bellow


I saw its eyes change colors by dozen

Yet I couldn’t decide, it was beauty

Or a savage lost in the brazen

Yet I waited for an answer to come through


Pleasure is a stage; pain is the play

Relief is ending; suffering is zenith’s bray

Worry thou naught: O thinker!

For the likes of you; my bite lies astray


You seek answers; the blood continues its flow

You fall in pattern; ice descends in these veins so blue

I am here and I will wait

Till the day you cease tries, to catch the day


I will return to give you taste of frost’s blood

Then you will laugh, unknown to joy’s bud

To cast off, you will pick a Stream of Life to pursue

And will become someone’s last night foe


Pray creature of last night

Are you a friend, or an ominous fright?

Why letting me in on secrets of such plight

Go on, and resume your journey past the skies


Though unstoppable, my quest and deft

Yet the vault, I build is not for mine to thrive

I build for masters from another world

Yet I suffer for myself, an unquenchable theft


I can seduce: I can lure

But the flesh lost its meaning one bloody night

Blood is what, now I collect; sensation is such I prune

I play with colors, yet I stand a bland sight


I inflict wounds by a measure

Then I give pain and I give pleasure

The being plays; whilst I collect

Love, laughter and joy’s treasure


There is a market and there are bazzars

Having authority beyond those of Tsars

One part joy; nine parts lust

One pint luck; nine pints rust


This is what they long

My commodity, makes them feel, loved and belonged

Enslaved by their own worldly mires

These poor beings walk happily, into siren’s pyres


Pray Creature! So strange, so true

Why to unfold a ruse so lewd

Then ‘tis the last, I heard from my parting last night’s foe

Because once, I too, was a creature of love like you