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A Tree Grows Here

To know

Why a tree grows here

Why the seed chose to burrow

It’s kin in these granules

Something was meant

A relationship was written

A birth was destined

A survival was ordained


Deception of Time

The dusk of today will call us conspirator

The dawn of tomorrow will label us traitor

All would talk, oblivious to deception of time

That forms the seed of their own duality

Providence will identify, it will validate

Since it’s all about the game of singularity


Corridors of darkness

Fetched lights from elation

We searched for stillness

Whilst traveling through seclusion


The fret of tiredness

The sweat of struggle

Rest to soul; nowhere we saw

At halt, some lost themselves into delusion


Often there were wonders

Who were those who conquered dimensions?

Then these questions to be so revealing

For all the answers to lie within


These times will pass

This tiredness would wear off

We’ll have a recall; we’ll see a renaissance

Then many will find these questions, themselves amusing

Art of Living

Yesterday was a day spent

Tomorrow is a day yet to come

Surviving in today’s fleeting tent

Is an art known only to some

What Religion?

Orthodox; the natives of convention

Secular; laying on basis of conviction


Atheists meet the world with assertion

Spirituals; say to redefine declaration


Tis’ faith that traces revelation

Carrying belief in The Religion