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A Tree Grows Here

To know

Why a tree grows here

Why the seed chose to burrow

It’s kin in these granules

Something was meant

A relationship was written

A birth was destined

A survival was ordained



Often, we think of ourselves as destiny changers, path finders, revolutionaries or miracle makers. But then, you meet people, travel, look around the world, take a look back on your ancestors and another at the next of your own kin.

And you realise we are just linchpins in God's bigger plans. Not everyone will exit this world with a Nobel or a warrior medal but we can for sure, make difference in our own little worlds.

Little goes a long way…


Cries of a Pagan

I have worshiped at the altar of you and me

I have worshiped at the road to keen

I have looked for keeps and sakes

I have fought for beings and makes


Never did I search for a heart's throb

Or to call for a prayer of thought

Pride rode me on the waves of ignore

Arrogance taught me the ways of sore





Some day you will liberate your soul

And let it fly


Soaring above the skies it would leave

And will ascend ever so high

The angels crave for thy

Whilst the demons are left awe struck


Then lamps of eternity will again light

Smoldering ashes, leasing them forever to lurk


Love fades, passion vanishes

Vision chases reality and becomes its realm of cruelty

When dreams are met with death

Then whatever that is left behind, tarnishes


Be felt promises, lingering memories

Seek icons of divinity and mount false premises

Within the hues of uncertainty, it’s the altar of belief

Whom the dart of doubt always misses


At some juncture in life

At some point in existence

We all stop and part ways with selves

And adorn fate with stains of reminiscence


Become slaves of intention

And pursue new directions

Being natives of uncertainty and aliens of self

Some gather speed while many lose direction


The continuity of mortality

Puts up a replica of imitation

Lets the soul bleed off its purity

And permits regret to accuse destination


Whilst the heart aches and strength quivers

Providence smiles, innocence delivers;

Beneath the waters of strive

Rests the pearl of serenity worth your dive

The Kiss of Death

Let seclusion be my savior

And loss be the liberator

Then these clutches of fate are indescribable

Because all I hold is the spirit of a voyager


This passage is slender

My strength controls a strange vigor

The wheel of curiosity drives genuinely

As this road leads nowhere


I often get lost through courses

Fumbling through a string of strangers

Recognition causes wounds of reality to bleed

After all, the sting of pain is such a pleasure


The other day, finality made me rise from slumber

And bitterness of demise transformed itself into the seducer

As death put her kiss on me

I found it to be sweet and tender

Rebels on the Horizon [Justified]

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

~ Bernard Shaw ~

Song of Little Lark

Little Lark:

Little flower; why so shy?

Snowflakes; did moon cry?

I lost the rainbow on the trenches

With Its colors sitting on tiny benches

Oh mother! When can I fly?

Mother Lark:

Little flower will learn one day

How to hold head in the wind’s way

Snowflakes are angels’ dice

Rolling over; once, twice and thrice

Where the rainbow comes from

Neither does Lyla know, nor do I!

The day you learn to skim the sky

Little one! Then off you fly

Deception of Time

The dusk of today will call us conspirator

The dawn of tomorrow will label us traitor

All would talk, oblivious to deception of time

That forms the seed of their own duality

Providence will identify, it will validate

Since it’s all about the game of singularity


Corridors of darkness

Fetched lights from elation

We searched for stillness

Whilst traveling through seclusion


The fret of tiredness

The sweat of struggle

Rest to soul; nowhere we saw

At halt, some lost themselves into delusion


Often there were wonders

Who were those who conquered dimensions?

Then these questions to be so revealing

For all the answers to lie within


These times will pass

This tiredness would wear off

We’ll have a recall; we’ll see a renaissance

Then many will find these questions, themselves amusing